A photo of Alun, a caucasian man wearing glasses and a blue coat, with his silver hair swept to one side, looking very dapper!

Meet Alun, single Dad to three kids

Alun came to me when he was struggling to feel worthy of love – receiving and giving love. He’d separated from his wife and moved out of the family home. He was now seeing his kids twice a week. The relationship had unfortunately broken down. In fact, the break-up caused him to feel like he wasn’t worthy of love.

When Alun came to me he felt stressed and anxious. He was struggling with a lack of confidence and not sleeping well. He was still grieving the relationship and finding it hard to adapt to his new life. Alun had recently met his new partner and he felt afraid to completely let her in. He was afraid of being hurt again.

Putting up a wall

Every time Alun started to feel like he could let go and enjoy himself, a wall would come up. He knew he didn’t feel worthy of love, so he couldn’t let it in.

In our sessions together, we discovered that this wall was there to keep him safe. To make sure he didn’t show any signs of being weak. But this wall wasn’t only stopping him from getting hurt. It was also preventing him from expressing his emotions in his new relationship. Not only was he struggling to feel worthy of receiving love, he was also struggling with feeling worthy of giving love.

We worked on breaking this down to allow him to not only express his feelings, but also accept love from others. Each week, he felt a little better, noticing small changes in his reactions to his new partner and his thoughts about love.

Worthy of Love

Alun felt confident at work, knowing that people looked up to him, so we focused on using that confidence to lift his confidence in his relationships too. It’s one thing to feel worthy of love, but it’s hard to feel confident enough to show it.

A big part of his struggles was also the guilt he felt at any part he may have played in causing his relationship with his wife to break down. So we drew a line under the past and released the guilt to allow him to move forwards.

After Hypnotherapy

At the end of the Hypnotherapy sessions, Alun said ‘I’ve changed my perception of myself in an extremely positive way’. You can read his review over on the review page, or on my business page on Google.

Alun went on to express his feelings for his new partner, accepting her love, and their relationship has flourished ever since!

Update 18 months later

‘I’m still feeling the effects of the help you gave me! The work we did was life changing as I transitioned out of a difficult situation which had given me long held beliefs about myself that I needed to change. You are amazing!’

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy accesses the parts of your mind that lie beneath the surface, in the subconscious. With survival and protection being drivers to your subconscious mind, it can go a little bit too far to keep you safe. Sometimes it just needs a helping hand to put things into perspective. Then you can be released from what’s holding you back, draw a line under the past, and move on.

If you’re ready to work on your subconscious mind, book a call with me and let’s see what the best package is for you.