Reviews: you truly helped above and beyond, you are exactly what I needed, thank you for helping me so much!

Anxiety Busting Package

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#AnxietyBusting #BeatOverwhelm #FindCalm #Overthinking

Sarah is friendly, reassuring and put me at ease. I wanted to deal with my anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. I'm now at peace with myself. I can enjoy the moment and feel content and happier!
Sarah is easy to talk to - even about difficult issues.  It was easy to book sessions. I've tackled some deep seated rubbish and really enjoyed the bespoke session.
After many years of therapy, Hypnotherapy seemed so much clearer! Sarah is such a good listener and adapted the sessions to suit my needs. I felt comfortable, safe and secure.
Sarah has helped me overcome big issues and deal with stress in a manageable way. I now have coping techniques moving forward.
Sarah helped me with issues around work confidence and poor sleep. I feel like I've now overcome the negative feelings I had.
I signed up to reduce my anxiety and I've been able to truly, completely relax!  My overthinking is reduced, I'm more productive and I'm able to focus. I feel like I'm finally getting my spark back!
Sarah made me feel comfortable from the start and explained everything. From how I felt on day one to how I feel now is miles apart! The improvement I've felt and the techniques I've learned to cope with stress and anxiety are invaluable!
I've struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my life. My level of anxiety has reduced considerably now!

Habit Release Package

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#TakeControl #Habits #StopTheUrge #EmotionalEating

I decided to use hypnosis to overcome my craving for sugar. Now I can take it or leave it - I'm in control! I no longer feel the need to eat sugary things!
I found my sessions with Sarah very calming and professional. The Hypnotherapy worked!
being in control of our eating feels great - it's life changing

Other reviews

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#PainRelief #FearofFlying #SportsPerformance #SelfWorth #SelfHypnosis

I contacted Sarah to help me conquer my long-held fear of flying. I got so much more! I feel comfortable with booking a flight, my confidence has soared, and I can now use self-hypnosis to bring immeditate calm.
Sarah is a fantastic listener and helped me with my self worth and lack of confidence. She's helped me change my perception of myself in an extremely positive way!
I was suffering with severe pain and chose Hypnotherapy as a last resort. In just three sessions my pain has nearly all gone and I've learned self-hypnosis so I can help to control the pain on my own in future!
Sarah was very professional and explained everything in a logical, easy to understand way. I found the hypnosis hugely relaxing and I've learned self-hypnosis that I can continue to use from now on!
Sarah helped me improve my golf game but also helped me deal with people pleasing. I'm now playing the game better and enjoying my hobby again!