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Sarah stands with her hands in the air and a happy smile on her face in front of the trees

‘What can a life coach online do for me?’ I hear you say. I used to feel the same. Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than what you currently have? Or that maybe you missed the boat and it’s too late to start over? Maybe you wonder what it would be like to achieve all the things you once dreamed of? But you know you have something holding you back.

That something is limiting beliefs. They can be addressed through both life coaching and hypnotherapy.  In both my training as a life coach and my training in hypnotherapy, I learned NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you see things in a different light. Sometimes you just need to put it all in perspective so you can see experiences for what they really are. Seeing things from other people’s points of view. This helps you understand that in fact, most of the time, it’s not really ever about you – it’s about them.

Each of us is driven by our core values in life. I bet you’d find it hard to meet someone with exactly the same core values as you, in the same priority order! Working with a life coach helps you find out what your core values are and how they’ve impacted your life so far. So you can more easily decide what you want for your future, based on your own preferences. No more comparisons to everyone else. Just you. Doing you.

Sarah sits in her hypno chair doing some journalling and laughing. On the windowsill next to her is a plant, a book and a positive quotes sign

Why have a life coach online instead of in person?


The sessions I offer are fast-paced – we cover alot in a short space of time.  Sessions are 45 minutes long, but can be condensed down into 30 minutes if you’re already clear on your goal and just need a brainstorming session to figure it all out! Doing the sessions online means you can squeeze them in during a lunch break. It also cuts out the need to travel. But if you prefer in person, I’m open to it.

After redundancy, I got a life coach. I learned all about my core values, skills and what my mission in life is. This didn’t come from the life coach. It came from me. The life coach just managed to ask the right questions until I discovered the answers myself. It also made me view different life experiences from the perspective of others. The fact that their core values didn’t match mine, so how could they ever understand how I felt? Likewise it helped me see that we can only ever experience something from our own perspective. And that perspective doesn’t make it a fact. 

I’ve helped people with some very different goals – health & wellbeing, studying for a Master’s degree, a career change, personal development and self-esteem. Whatever it is that you need help with, I’m here.


‘My coaching sessions with Sarah came at a time in my life when I had major changes in my career, I was full of self doubt, sad at times, stressed and a little overwhelmed. Sarah guided me through the process, helping me to realise my own potential and what I’d actually achieved already. I now have the tools to move forward, hopefully to a more rewarding career which will definitely impact positively on other areas of my life.’

Tracy Morrison

In person client

life coach online

 About this package 

From the very first session, you gain clarity on the direction you want to take to improve your situation. Over 6 sessions together (45-60 minutes minutes every 1-2 weeks), we:

  • Address what is holding you back
  • Set some clear, achievable targets
  • Put tools in place to help you continue to feel motivated

You leave feeling better about yourself and about your situation, having identified new options for your future. The sessions can take place over Zoom or even over the phone if you prefer. Or maybe you live nearby and fancy meeting for a coffee? I’m happy to offer sessions here in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Sarah wears a dark purple top and has her ginger hair down. She sits facing the camera with a smile, in front of her book case and framed certificates that are on the wall behind her. On the wall there is also an image of a peacock in green and blue.

Sign Up Process

  1. Book a free consultation – this can take place over the phone or via Zoom
  2. If we’ve confirmed this is the best option for you, I’ll send you an email with further information
  3. Complete the goal sheet and sign the contract – return both via email
  4. Pay online via BACS (option to pay using credit card also)
  5. Book your sessions – this can be in person or online, or a mixture of both
  6. Receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24 hours before your session, in case you need to rearrange

Your commitment

When you reach out for help from a life coach, you’re committing to making changes in your life for the better. In between sessions you’re expected to take action and assess how you feel about taking those actions.



Payment is in advance and changes to session times require 24 hours notice. At least 3 sessions are required, at £78 each, or you can book the full 6 session package. 

Joyful Future Package: £458