Hypnotherapy and Coaching Services

A view from Sarah's desk of her hypno chair, the windowsill and the back of Sarah's head as she looks down at her laptop screen. On the screen is Sarah's website.

Group Hypnosis Sessions

A group session gives you the chance to experience how hypnotherapy can help you. Sessions take place online. Transform your thinking about different subjects (for example Overthinking, Self-Esteem, People Pleasing, Self-love) and receive tips and tools to help you on both a conscious and subconscious level. Group programmes also available.


Sarah stands with her hands in the air and a happy smile on her face in front of the trees

Life Coaching

If you need a helping hand to help you stay motivated and celebrate your wins with you, some life coaching sessions are a great idea! These take place online or in person and in just 6 sessions you’ll find you’ve made significant changes!

If you’d like more information on life coaching, contact me here – a bespoke package can be created upon request.


Hypnosis for Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you wish you could just switch off your overthinking mind? Over 7 sessions (online or in person) we work through all the limiting beliefs that cause your anxiety to overwhelm your life, using Hypnotherapy. Towards the end of the sessions, we start to talk about how you would like your life to be, using life coaching to gently guide you in a positive direction.


‘Sarah worked with me during a time of high anxiety due to professional burnout and family illness. She is highly compassionate, very competent and friendly. The hypnotherapy sessions helped bring me back into a safe space where I could relax and let go of some of the angst, helping me to switch off, regulate my breathing and get the panic under control. Highly recommended.’

Sara Hadfield

Online client (Anxiety busting package)

Hypnosis for Habits

In just 4 sessions we tackle whatever habit you’d like to get rid of, with Hypnotherapy to work on the subconscious urges and life coaching to guide daily actions you can take to keep it at bay. Freeing you to live your life on your terms!

I decided to use Hypnosis to overcome my addiction/craving for sugar – mainly in the form of chocolate and sweets!! I dont really know how but it’s worked! I no longer feel the need to eat sugary things, I’ve always been all or nothing as in if we had chocolate in I’d eat the lot I couldn’t have just one piece!! Now I can take it or leave it. I’m in control.’

Kelly Holland

In person client (Habit release package)