Group hypnotherapy



A view from Sarah's desk of her hypno chair, the windowsill and the back of Sarah's head as she looks down at her laptop screen. On the screen is Sarah's website.

What is group hypnotherapy?

Group hypnotherapy is when a group gathers together, online or on location, to experience hypnotherapy. 

It’s great for those wanting to give it a try, without committing to personal therapy.

I run workshops throughout the year, that include a group hypnotherapy session. This is a great way to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you, and inform your future decisions about working 1-1 with me as your hypnotherapist.

Sometimes, I run individual online group sessions on different subjects. At other times I run online group programmes. Choose whichever subject you feel drawn to and sign up to attend a session or programme.

Get some insights and receive tips and tools to help you both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Scroll down for upcoming group hypnotherapy sessions and programmes.




This 4-week online group programme is for you if you can tick ‘yes’ to any of the following:

💖 I suffer with a low mood

💖 I am an anxiety sufferer

💖 I’m fed up with overthinking

💖 I constantly worry about everything

💖 I want to feel calm and relaxed again

This 4-week group programme will help you to feel calm and relaxed, regardless of the stresses that life throws at you.

Each week you will take part in a live group hypnotherapy session and receive an audio to listen to in between sessions. These audios cement in the beautiful words your subconscious is craving to hear.

The next programme is available as an evening or daytime session, starting on January 11th & 12th – please click below to find out more:

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Sign Up Process
  1. Click on the link for the session or programme you want
  2. Choose the date and time in the calendly link.
  3. Read through the information to check it’s appropriate for you.
  4. Provide your details and pay online via credit or debit card
  5. Receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24 hours before your session.
  6. After the session, receive an audio or video replay.

If you’re a woman in a high pressure job, join my free facebook group for monthly meditation and group coaching sessions to help you beat overwhelm and find calm!