Frequently asked questions

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works by helping you to reach a deeply relaxed state using a kind of guided meditation. Once you are relaxed, your subconcious mind (the part that deals with your emotions and reactions) can receive positive suggestions to improve how you feel. We can also have a chat with your subconcious mind to discover why something is a problem for you and possibly where it came from. Once this discussion takes place, we can talk about the situation so you see it in a new way – a way that frees you from the hold it has on your life.

How are your sessions planned out?

The type of hypnotherapy I do is a progressive form. So we start out discussing your needs in depth and I explain to you how the mind works and the types of hypnotherapy I do. Then we start with a lovely visualisation of a garden to get you introduced to Hypnotherapy. You leave with an audio to listen to between sessions. Each session builds on the last, focusing on your needs.

Sessions take place online or in person – see the packages available here.

How do I know if I can be hypnotised?

Everyone has experienced hypnosis in their lives. It’s that state of relaxation just before you fall asleep or when you daydream. So you’re not asleep – you’re awake, but with your eyes closed.

Everyone can be hypnotised, but only if they want to be. How deeply relaxed you can be depends on each individual. So yes, you can be hypnotised, but the depth can vary. It’s important to know that no matter how deeply relaxed you can be, hypnotherapy will help you.

What equipment do I need to book an online hypnotherapy session?

All you need is a web camera or phone. You may also use headphones to help you hear more clearly. You won’t be able to hold your phone during a session, so it’s a good idea to have a stand or something to prop the phone on. As long as I can see you and we can hear each other.

What happens if we lose wifi connection?

I explain all about hypnotherapy in the first session – this includes mentioning that if we lose connection and you don’t hear my voice for a minute or two, your eyes will open and you will come out of hypnosis. We can then rearrange the session using Whatsapp or rearranging for another day.

Is an online session as effective as face to face in person?

Yes! I myself first received Hypnotherapy as a client online and I was amazed at the results. Most of my sessions are online and my clients have found them to be very beneficial.

The only difference is that it is up to you to make sure you don’t get interrupted, so ensuring alarms and fitbits are silenced, asking your family to stay out of the way and keeping pets in another room so they don’t jump on you, is helpful.

How will I know Hypnotherapy worked for me?

Much like coaching, we discuss at the start what you’d like to achieve during the sessions. I’ll ask you some questions in the first session that I’ll repeat in the last session. Then we can compare your answers. But you rarely need this – you can see the changes over time. You also find that other areas of your life will improve – for example, some of my past clients have found they are calmer, less angry. Some have improved sleep. Others have found they feel less anxious in general. With a phobia the outcome is more obvious of course!

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is where I ask you a series of questions to help you come to a realisation of what you need in your life right now. The questions follow a format, but they depend on the answer you give . So it’s not just a script, it’s a learned process. Some questions are bespoke to the session. I ask questions in such a way that you delve deep and learn more about yourself in the process. With the answers come options for change. From those options, you choose which actions to take. For more information on the sessions I offer, head over here.

What can I expect from coaching?

You can expect to be asked questions and to be listened to in a totally confidential and non-judgemental environment. You can expect to be challenged in your current way of thinking to find the paths that make you feel more aligned with aspects of your life. You can expect to discover manageable steps and agree some actions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

How will the coaching sessions work?

Coaching is included as part of the hypnotherapy packages – each session we discuss where you are on your healing journey. Then I’ll ask you some questions to help you come up with an action you can do to aid your progression. But I also offer life coaching separately to Hypnotherapy. Take a look here for more information. 

In the first session we talk about your overall goals, where you are now with them (to understand the deeper situation),  consider different ideas to help you move forward and set some targeted actions based on the session subject. The following sessions will also include a review of the previous session actions at the beginning. It’s a bit like having your own personal cheerleader!


How will I know coaching has worked for me?

That is entirely up to you. We will discuss this in the first session – everyone has a different perspective on what success is to them. Coaching is a catalyst for change!