Self-hypnosis is very powerful and versatile. You can do it anywhere! As part of my 1-1 packages, I teach you a simple self-hypnosis technique that you can use time and time again. Many of my clients message me to tell me when they’ve done some self-hypnosis – at the dentists, before getting on a plane, before an exam!

It might be that you prefer to listen to an audio to facilitate your self-hypnosis. I send out a free audio to all subscribers on my email list – head over to ‘contact me’ to sign up!

Declutter your mind hypnosis audio
Boost your self-esteem hypnosis audio
Develop your assertiveness hypnosis audio


Alternatively, you may wish to purchase audios for more specific subjects. Here are a selection of hypnosis audios in mp3 format for you to download and listen to in the comfort of your own home. Take just 10-15 minutes each day to give your mind time to switch off and recuperate. All hypnosis audios are £11.

Click on the image to purchase and download.