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A group session gives you the chance to experience how hypnotherapy can help you.

The next one is September 8th at 8pm. Learn about self-esteem, how the mind works and conscious and subconscious tips to boost your self-esteem!

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Sarah helped me when I was having issues regarding self worth and moving on into a new relationship, I was lacking in self confidence that I was worthy of the love and support that I was receiving. Sarah guided me via Zoom and took the time to understand my situation and tailor the hypnotherapy sessions to give me exactly the outcome I required. I would highly recommend her and gladly use her services again in the future if I need to.

Alun Lane

Online client

I booked onto a 4-week Phobia Release Package to see if hypnotherapy could help me conquer my long-held fear of flying. All I can say is OMG, I got so much more than that from our sessions together. I am yet to book a flight but am now feeling very comfortable with the thought of doing so – something I certainly would not have even considered doing before. Not only that but I am sleeping better, my confidence has soared, and Sarah has given me the tools to cope with any acute situations I might encounter!

Jane French

Online client

Do you want the freedom to live joyfully? That’s what I want for you! Hypnotherapy for Anxiety helps with a wide range of issues that can help you with your mental wellbeing. 

Anxiety comes in many forms. It keeps you awake at night. It makes you feel on edge and tense. It feels like you’re not in control of your own life. Many people don’t even know they have anxiety – it’s become somewhat of a buzz word. If you’re unsure, read this post – 5 Big Signs You Have Anxiety Lurking.

It might feel like you’re doing the motions every day, but not really enjoying the journey. You just can’t stop overthinking, and you may even be experiencing panic attacks…



Then of course, when overthinking takes over, you start to feel tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. At these times it’s easy to reach for a pick-me-up. Maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s sugar? Or even a glass of wine?

Before you know it, a habit has formed and you can’t see the way out. Hypnotherapy can target unhealthy food habits, binge eating and cravings, if and when you’re ready.


Sometimes, your anxiety may stem from fear. If your fears are making you avoid certain situations, you could have a phobia on your hands. Hypnotherapy for Phobias tackles phobia symptoms and helps you see your fear in a different light. It’s a gentle way to face your fear. These three areas are the ones I choose to specialise in – anxiety, habits and phobias. Because I’ve been there. So I know how it feels to overcome them with Hypnotherapy and lifestyle changes.


But what next? After you’ve had some Hypnotherapy, maybe you’re ready for a life coach online to help you make your dreams become reality?

I trained in Life Coaching in 2020 and helped people with a variety of lifestyle changes – finding a new career, studying for a Masters degree, creating an organised business plan, personal development, improving health and wellness, time management, work-life balance….

Life Coaching can help you with reaching any target you want to set for yourself. The great part is that a life coach draws answers from you that you can’t figure out for yourself (yes, I also have a life coach!) and they provide accountability to help keep you motivated.

sarah fish hypnotherapist life coach

Meet your hypnotherapist and life coach!

Sarah Fish is a certified and registered advanced hypnotherapist and life coach. A lover of books, bourbon biscuits and espresso martinis; when she’s not running her business you can find her volunteering in the library (or reading over there, in that comfy seat)

Sarah spent two years training with an Advanced Hypnotherapist and completed more than 480 hours of study and practice to become registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. She also completed more than 50 client hours of life coaching with The Coaching Academy.

Sarah’s previous career and MSc in Biomedical Science means she has background knowledge of many illnesses and she’s also been a lifetime sufferer of some herself!

To book a Zoom call to discuss your needs, click on the link below. Alternatively, you can head over to the contact me page.

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