How do you keep up with CPD in the current climate?

I’ve been talking with a fellow Biomedical Scientist today about CPD. Some love it, some hate it! But it’s necessary for us to remain registered with HCPC to show we are staying up to date in our chosen field. It’s extra difficult when there are no large gatherings though, like IBMS congress, to enable dedicated time for CPD.

My favourites are journal based learning and using the app eCPD. There are a variety of subjects on the app that take you off to different websites, or my favourite – YouTube. Watching Wendy Riggs explaining anatomy is fun! It’s so quick too that you can have a cup of tea and watch one.

Even though we can’t attend lectures, there are usually many ways to incorporate your daily job into CPD – if you learn from something and can reflect on how it expands your knowledge and benefits the service user, you can use it!


  • Journal based learning
  • Attend an IBMS Webinar
  • Formal qualifications (MSc)
  • IBMS accredited courses (DEP)
  • Attending conferences
  • Visiting another lab
  • Work-based presentations
  • Extra-curricular activities that develop your skills

CPD is one of the many subjects we cover in Biomedical Science coaching. As this is tailored to the individual, we can talk about what kind of CPD you like to do. Then with a variety of questions I can help you come up with your own ideas to fit CPD into your life.