What makes us unique?










Today I’m learning all about DISC profiling. I’ve done many personality type questionnaires in the past – I find it all quite fascinating! By the way, if you’re into Myers-Briggs, I’m an ENFP!


Path lab profiling











A few years ago, we did similar profiling in our Path lab. The majority of scientists came back as being detail oriented, as you’d expect. As always, attention to detail and a methodical approach are important in science. But two of us came back as being more of a sunshine yellow personality. We are optimists, with a positive approach and seek to build relationships. Both of us struggled to lift everyone’s spirits and could tell we were a little different to the majority.











Today I learned I’m still in that ‘inspiring’ category – seeking to inspire and cheer people up. Many get fed up of our optimism and happy go lucky personalities though! I’m happy to see I’ve moved away from being driven to lead, into a more supportive role. This fits in well with coaching and hypnotherapy.


What’s the point?











Learning about our personality types enables us to improve our communication skills with each other. It gives us some understanding as to why we get on well with some people and struggle with others. This means we can learn to understand why conflicts happen. We can become more self-aware and reflect on any situation – thinking about what we could have done differently. Not always assuming that the other person was wrong. It gives us a little more compassion when we learn that we are simply polar opposites. No-one is out to get us – they just think and behave differently to us!


I like to think that I don’t fit in any one particular box though! I’m a scientist with spiritual beliefs that many may consider as polar opposites!


DISC Personality Profiling

So which personality profile are you?

D – Would you rather take charge? Are you all about action?

I – Do you seek praise? Do your words inspire others?

S – Maybe you want to feel secure? Do you find you’re in a supportive role?

C – Or do you just need more details? Do you love working with facts and figures?

I’m now certified to carry out this profiling if you’d like to learn more about yourself. It’s an add-on to the regular coaching package, as the profiling is an external service, but I can interpret the data for you.


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