Your A-level results don’t define you. Remember that. You have way more skills to offer. It seemed like the end of the world on the day I received mine – I’d done well in Business Studies (without really trying), but Biology – my favourite subject? I got an E.

Both my top choice Universities still accepted me. But I switched at the last minute to my second choice. I felt passionately that for some reason, I needed to do that.

In the first week at Uni I met my husband (we’ve been married 20 years). I got a good degree in Biological Sciences (was borderline for a 1st), then did a Masters some years later in Biomedical Science.
So yes, I’m a scientist with an E in Biology at A-level.

Being a scientist, and in fact doing ANY job, requires way more than a piece of paper. Attention to detail, perseverance, a methodical approach, thinking outside the box – don’t forget all those skills you’re never tested for!

If you struggle to figure out what your skills are, this is something we cover in coaching. If you want to, of course!