When I packed up my office to prepare for closure in October 2019, I brought home 12 bags full of all the work, certificates and notes I’d taken in the last 15 years. I put them in the spare room and thought I might work on emptying them in the next few weeks.

Fast forward to July 2020. Yes, the bags stayed there. Partly because I did try to empty them, but it was too painful and upsetting to begin with. Then it became a chore I was dreading. But that room will be so much better when it’s an office! And we recently promised our daughter she can have the double bed that’s in there…..

My deadline is tomorrow (Saturday). On Wednesday I’d still not started. Then I had a call with a life coach. We discussed my feelings towards large projects and why I procrastinate. It turns out I just hate boredom! For me to feel inspired and motivated, it must feel fun and enjoyable! By the time the call was over I’d got a plan broken down in easy steps. Now I knew that I had to make it fun to get it done, it motivated me to start right then and there!

It wasn’t so bad. I found lots of little fun things that I’d had on my desk at work, funny little notes and cards from my friends there and I realised that it was always about fun for me!

No more procrastination!