What’s your vision for the future?

When I was made redundant, I found myself a life coach. His niche is in discovering your ideal career. Through a structured three months, we worked on my values, limiting beliefs and what my ideal vision for the future is.

‘A world of transparency, where we are encouraged to be our authentic selves and valued for our contribution to society. Where everyone is living in harmony with nature and all those who share it.’

The great thing is that it’s totally unique to me. It draws on the experience I’ve had as a Mum to a child with Aspergers and the future I want for him and my daughter. My vision includes my love of the environment (that has been there forever). It envelops the experiences I’ve had as a leader in science. Some may see this and think, she’s really not my cup of tea! That’s fine! I can’t be everybody’s cup of tea! But those looking at my vision and thinking ‘Yes – she’s my kind of person’ – I want to work with you. If not now, then one day!

If you want to improve your life, feel happier about yourself and care about some of the same things I do, take a look at my social media profiles. Ask me questions. See if I can help you out with some 1-1 zoom coaching. I LOVE helping people!! Let me help you.