Biomedical science is a difficult field to get into. Many graduates are working as lab assistants whilst they gain the valuable experience needed to gain a post. BMS are passionate about their choice of career and willing to go the extra mile to climb that ladder. The IBMS shared #ThisIsAScientist competition over summer celebrating scientists – from sports enthusiasts to charity work. It really showcases their amazing and diverse extra-curricular lives! They really are go-getters!

Biomedical science has it’s specialities of course. But every BMS needs to embrace Quality to achieve ISO standards. Every BMS needs to follow the rules of Health & Safety in the laboratory. Every BMS has a duty to be committed to their own training and training others. Most have some form of research or clinical audit to complete. Many are constantly battling to get a good work-life balance. All have to do CPD!! However, as always, communication is key.

Life Coaching a BMS is so rewarding. I understand the pressures of the work from my own experience, but also, I get to meet a variety of people. Scientists with real motivation to achieve their goals. I’ve learned that I can try to guess the areas they’d like to discuss, but ultimately, they come up with their own agenda from a personal perspective. They are so driven to succeed. One session can home in on what they need to do, and they always carry out their actions with enthusiasm!

So, my mind is changing about how to offer coaching….maybe a series of sessions is not the answer? Maybe the odd ‘power hour’ here and there is what is needed most? I’ll ponder a little more and let you know when I pass my certificate in coaching – not long now!

Excited for the future! Life coaching for BMS. Life coaching for scientists.