Today is the second day of the second lockdown in England. It’s also the night after Bonfire night.

At this time of year, usually, my anxiety rockets! Being a working Mum is tough at the best of times – it’s usually (but not always – don’t want to upset any Dads!) Mum’s job to remember so many things. School deadlines, help with homework, think of what to eat for dinner and make sure uniforms and PE kits are clean. This is all on top of making packed lunches, doing the school run, going to work and if you’re lucky, housework! The list goes on…..

So when November comes, I go into panic mode! The pressure of preparing for the festive season is upon me!!! I can’t bear to think about it before November as a typical procrastinator. Usually it means remembering to prepare for Christmas Jumper Day, making sure we’ve all got advent calendars (yes, I still have one), planning who we’re seeing and when. Don’t even get me started on what to wear and how to afford it all (credit card again then)!!!

This year is different. We can’t plan, because we don’t know what the rules will be by Christmas. We certainly can’t book to go out. The pressure is off.

I’m sure we’re all feeling disappointed. We can’t get together in the same traditional ways we always have done. The weeks of turkey and Christmas pudding eaten more often than you’d like because you’re doing it with three different sets of people. The panto (Ey up me ducks!), Christmas pub quizzes, carol services, parties and lots of festive cheer.

The pressure is off. But I miss it!!!! This pause is like stepping off the hamster wheel for a little while and truly appreciating the present. Like watching fireworks – while you’re focusing on them, you’re truly living in the moment.

I’m going to take this time to plan properly. Take off those procrastinator pants and really be ready! No longer apprehensive about the festive season. So next year, I won’t panic. I’ll be ready and I’ll be living in the moment more than I ever have before.

If you’re the opposite of me, I’d appreciate some tips! If you’re the same, share it with me!