Anxiety Busting Package £777

Hypnotherapy for anxiety – helping you take control in 7 weeks

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I’m not sure I need hypnotherapy for anxiety –  what are the symptoms?

If you’re unsure if you need hypnotherapy for anxiety, see if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you feel on edge and tense most of the time?
  • Is your mind whirring with thoughts and it’s hard to think clearly?
  • Does even the simplest task get you feeling overwhelmed?



Those who come to me for hypnotherapy for anxiety have described how they feel. I’ve felt it too. Does any of this resonate with you?


It might feel like you’re doing the motions every day, but not really enjoying the journey. And you may find yourself feeling tired, but struggling to stay asleep at night. Then you wake in the night, pacing the floor, wondering how you can just stop worrying about everything? You might already be on antidepressants and sleeping tablets.


It feels like you’re not in control of your own life. But you try to be. Often the person who takes on too many responsibilities, because if you just stay busy, you won’t have to face how you feel.


Many people don’t even know these are anxiety symptoms. Stressed – yes. Depressed – maybe. But anxious? No, that’s not me! Surely you’re either an anxious person or you’re not, right?


You just can’t stop overthinking, and you may even be experiencing panic attacks…


sarah sitting holding stomach as she has a tense stomach when she's anxious

If I don’t have hypnotherapy for anxiety, how might my life look?


Many tell me they’ve considered hypnotherapy, but only as a last resort. They’ve tried other solutions first. But these have often been a short-term solution. So they continue to feel like this:


  • A tense feeling that puts you off your food, or makes you feel like you’re having stomach cramps (IBS can be found in the list of anxiety symptoms).
  • Your mind is filled with ‘what if’s’, so you’re finding it hard to think straight. You may have noticed brain fog affecting your ability to work.
  • You might get through each day by ticking off your ‘to do’ list, but it gets longer and longer. Like you’re a dog chasing its tail!
  • Then, because you’re tired, you’re easily irritated and snap at those you love. You find yourself making silly mistakes too – feeling like you’re jet lagged!


 Who else will benefit if I have hypnotherapy for anxiety?


Even if you’re really good at masking how you feel, your anxiety will impact all the people around you.


Your partner that gets woken in the night when you’re pacing the floor.

Work colleagues that get snapped at.

Your children, who you seem to nag and nag but they never do what you ask (because often, they aren’t really sure what you’re asking).


When you’re the busy one, doing everything for everyone, you might find yourself feeling angry, but refuse help. My clients have told me (and even their partners have told me!), that they feel like they’re more fun to be around. Their family and friends have noticed that they look better in themselves and smile more! They don’t jump to conclusions any more or take things personally. In general, they are more calm and relaxed and laid back. This means they can support their partners and children from a place of love and compassion, instead of feeling like they’re being forced to play the role.


If you want, you can read some reviews, or scroll down to learn more about the Anxiety Busting package and how to sign up.

‘After an unexpected bout of anxiety, panic and bad sleep, I decided to go ahead and contact Sarah. She put me at ease straight away. The hypnotherapy was really enjoyable and so relaxing! Sarah’s voice is perfect for increasing the relaxation levels. Every session brought benefits and I now have a toolkit of enjoyable techniques I have continued to use on a daily basis.’

Jennifer Caswell

Online client

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About this package

From the very first session (75-90 minutes) you experience what it’s like to feel calm. Learn about:

  • Where anxiety comes from
  • How your mind works
  • What hypnosis is

So you know from the start how it all works and where the symptoms may have arisen. Then experience hypnosis for anxiety, also known as hypnotherapy – giving your mind a chance to relax and stop worrying for a while. You take away an audio to listen to between sessions to help us work on releasing your anxiety symptoms on a deeper level.

Anxiety is complex and may have many triggers. Over the remaining 6 weeks we cover many areas using Hypnotherapy and Mental Wellbeing Coaching. These may include:

  • Releasing negative thoughts
  • Reframing what you believe about yourself
  • Tools and tips to prevent anxiety taking over
  • Boosting confidence
  • Increasing Self-love
  • Healing old wounds with timeline therapy
  • Self-hypnosis (so you can help yourself, anytime anywhere!)

These sessions are 45-60 minutes long. Sessions are tailored to what you need the most, depending on your personal anxiety symptoms.

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Sign Up Process

  1. Book a free consultation – this can take place over the phone or via Zoom
  2. If we’ve confirmed this is the best option for you, I’ll send you an email with further information
  3. Complete the consultation form and sign the contract – return both via email
  4. Pay online via BACS (option to pay by credit card also)
  5. Book your sessions – this can be in person or online, or a mixture of both
  6. Receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24 hours before your session, in case you need to rearrange


Your commitment

As with any form of therapy, you’re committing to making changes in your life for the better. In between sessions you need to listen to an audio of up to 20 minutes daily, to aid your therapy. It’s helpful to carry out any actions we set too – these can include mindfulness, setting boundaries and re-assessing your work-life balance.

Payment is in advance (payment plans are available) and changes to session times require 24 hours notice.

Anxiety Busting Package: £777