Habit Release Package £444

Hypnosis for habits – helping you stop the urge in 4 weeks

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I’m not sure I need hypnosis for habits – what kinds of habit do you mean?

If you’re unsure if you need hypnosis for habits, see if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you reach for a glass of wine to help you forget about the stressful day you’ve had?
  • Do you do the weekly shop and find yourself buying a sneaky chocolate bar to eat in the car park before you head home?
  • Do you open a big bag of crisps that are supposed to be a ‘sharing bag’ and before you know it, the bag is empty?
  • Are you a secret snacker, gambler, vaper?

Everyone has habits that are linked to how we feel. It might not be food necessarily. It could be coffee, fizzy drinks or even alcohol, vaping or smoking.

Do you do it too? 

Those who come to me for hypnosis for habits have described how they feel. Does any of this resonate with you?

You feel an urge to have something, and for a short while it makes you feel good. But afterwards, you feel uncomfortable, sluggish and guilty. Hiding it from your loved ones so they can’t berate you for it.

You might notice you automatically feel drawn to doing something at the same time or in the same place every day. The urge to call into the petrol station for some crisps. Or your favourite place to sit and snack.

For some, it’s a feeling of belonging and togetherness when they start up a habit together. Like a ritual to have peanuts and wine or beer while you watch your favourite programme every night.

For others, it’s filling a gap for those times when they feel lonely. The urge can be so great that you automatically reach for the one thing that is causing you the most harm.

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 If I don’t have hypnosis for habits, how might my life look?

Often, the things that bring us a tiny bit of joy create dopamine. This is a feel good hormone that makes us crave more of the same thing. So that urge is there in your brain, but it can impact your mental wellbeing because of the feelings of guilt you get afterwards. Habits often cause weight gain and contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

So what do you do next? If it’s a food habit, I bet you find other ways to keep your body in shape. No doubt you’ll do extra exercise to compensate. Or maybe deprive yourself of food as a punishment? Or just feel pretty rotten about yourself? Then drown your sorrows or do it even more, because you can’t feel any worse surely?

What doesn’t help though, is that women have hormones that flucutate throughout the month. And go pretty crazy when peri-menopause hits! Oestrogen helps us to feel full after a meal. So when oestrogen is low (and progesterone is high), our appetite is stimulated and we crave food. This is usually in the days leading up to menstruation. It’s easy to blame it on hormones and think there’s no way out.

Whatever your habit is, it’s likely that your habit is having a negative impact on different areas of your health…

  • You may need more visits to the dentist if you have a sweet tooth.
  • You may have fluctuating blood pressure if your nutrient intake is up and down, making you feel dizzy sometimes.
  • Too much caffeine can give you palpitations.
  • Smoking and vaping damages your lungs, making breathing more difficult.
  • Gambling can take over your life so much that you can’t afford to pay the bills, but you would still choose to gamble it all away if you had the money.

And never mind the peer pressure of being the life and soul of the party who keeps everyone entertained on a night out! You might think you’re boring without a drink, but you’ll find that’s just confidence you’re lacking (I can help you with that too).

The good news is that habits can be broken! So although we can’t do much to change the hormonal impact, we can work to change the types of foods or drinks you crave. Not only does this help you to lose weight (if you want to), it also makes you feel better about yourself in general!


Who else will benefit if I have hypnosis for habits?


It can feel lonely and sometimes embarrassing when you have a habit that seems to be controlling you. It really is worth sharing how you feel with your loved ones though. They can see what it’s doing to you, even if you don’t realise.

When you have hypnosis for habits, we target the subconscious reasons for the habit. For some it feels like a switch is flicked and the urge goes away. But we also tackle the habit and it’s impact on your life by discussing strategies you can use every day to take control of your habit.

Everyone around you benefits!

  • Your family, who may be concerned about the impact the habit is having on your life.
  • Your partner, who may be a little fed up of always being the driver on a night out.
  • Your kids, who may have to wait for your attention while you finish that game or go for a smoke.
  • Your friends who want to go out and have fun with you, but you feel too fat in everything you wear.

The list goes on…..

Now I’ve highlighted that, I bet you can think of a few people around you that this impacts?

If you want, you can read some reviews, or scroll down to learn more about the Habit Release package and how to sign up.

‘Sarah explained what to expect throughout, was 100% present with me and I felt that she totally understood my situation and habit I no longer wanted. I was amazed at how I felt after the very first session – I felt full of energy and enthusiastic to embrace the next sessions. My habit is no longer controlling me!’

Amy Shenton

In person client

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About this package

From the very first session (75-90 minutes) you experience what it’s like to feel calm. Learn about:
  • Where habits come from
  • How your mind works
  • What hypnosis is
So you know from the start how it all works and where the habits may have originated. Then experience hypnosis for habits – hypnotherapy. Giving your mind a chance to relax and rest for a while. You take away an audio to listen to between sessions to help us work on releasing your habits on a deeper level. Over the remaining 3 weeks we target your habit with Hypnotherapy and Mental Wellbeing Coaching. This includes:
  • Figuring out where the habit came from
  • Targeting the cause to remove it
  • Finding adjustments you can make to overcome your habit on a conscious level too
Taking it at your own speed. These sessions are 45-60 minutes long. You leave with the knowledge you can end your habit and feel the freedom that goes with it.
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Sign Up Process

  1. Book a free consultation – this can take place over the phone or via Zoom
  2. If we’ve confirmed this is the best option for you, I’ll send you an email with further information
  3. Complete the consultation form and sign the contract – return both via email
  4. Pay online via BACS (option to pay by credit card)
  5. Book your sessions – this can be in person or online, or a mixture of both
  6. Receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24 hours before your session, in case you need to rearrange

Your commitment

As with any form of therapy, you’re committing to making changes in your life for the better. In essence, you are doing the work – I’m only facilitating it. In between sessions you need to listen to an audio of up to 20 minutes daily, to aid your therapy. It’s helpful to carry out any actions we set too – these can include mindfulness, reflecting on when and where the habit takes place and re-assessing your daily routine. Payment is in advance and changes to session times require 24 hours notice.

Habit Release Package: £444